Flooring Ranges


Handcrafted in Italy

We have been supplying the UK market with luxury yet affordable wooden flooring for over 14 years, becoming in the process an exclusive supplier of CP Parquet products in the UK. Thanks to our vast network of suppliers and manufacturers, we are confident in our promise to give you the best price and will match any competitor’s quote.


Transparency, Traceability and Accountability are our core values. All of our flooring products are exclusively sourced from responsibly managed FSC and PEFC certified forests.


When it comes to fitting your floor, we have a team of experienced and fully insured Italian flooring fitters. Our fitters are experts in seamless installation, taking care of all small details like doors, sockets, and most importantly; stairs. We can also take care of the sub-floor problems such as cracks or uneven floor levels.


Therefore, when you are looking for parquet flooring, whether it is narrow strips or extra-wide boards, you can be assured of the knowledge you’re in safe hands. 


Our gallery contains a list of the most popular flooring options and finishes. However, if you cannot find your desired colour or a finish, please contact us. Details make the design, and we can find a match to almost any colour of a bespoke finish.