wood wall covering


A new floor is normally part of wider refurbishment project, that often includes a new kitchen, new bathroom and why not, new furniture.

Whilst there are hundreds of different furniture suppliers, it is often difficult to match furniture with your new floor.

But what if your floor supplier was able to offer you an essential furniture range to complete your overall design? And what if your floor supplier was able to make 100% bespoke furniture to fit those awkward spaces and out of square corners? And what if you could chose colours, materials and create your own design? Well that would be so good wouldn’t it?

Together with our international suppliers we have created a new range of essential furniture to do just that.

Our furniture are 100% made in Italy by our skilful artisans at CP PARQUET LAB and supplied to the UK market by IDltd at factory prices

ID Ltd and CP Parquet are able to create all the elements characteristic of interior design: stairs, doors, wood panelling, kitchens, walk-in wardrobes and bookshelves. We are able to meet the needs of project designers, helping them to bring a clear soul and identity to homes, villas, apartments and penthouses and turning the desires of their customers into something real: from the initial creative intuition to the final project.

CP Parquet Table range features several options in engineered 5mm oak for ultimate durability
CP Parquet boiserie and shelving matching your new floor
Wall cladding in real engineered oak
Bespoke bathroom cabinets in real walnut
Totally bespoke products with 5mm real wood veneer for durability and unmatched quality