3 layers counterbalanced construction

3 layers counterbalanced construction

Plank stability is one of the most important requirement of wood flooring. Whilst plank construction is not crucial on narrow boards (anything like 120,140 and even 180 mm wide) larger planks like 200, 240,300mm plus do need to have stable and durable construction.

And it’s not a secret that the 3 layers construction is by far the most durable.

Only a few factories chose to adopt this type of construction because of the cost involved, but ultimately if you choose a wide plank floor, 3 layers construction is a must.

3 layers construction

Our 3 layers counterbalanced planks are entirely made in Italy with 5mm oak on top and 5mm oak on bottom with core layer in fir. The construction is so durable and stable that we can reach a width on 800mm and lengths of several metres.

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