Italian Design Limited is a young and dynamic company recently formed with the mission to bring the best and most innovative flooring products from Europe to UK.

We are the exclusive agent for the following suppliers:
  • Effepimarmi
  • Land Porcelanico
  • Crespano Parchetti
  • Nuovo Design

  • Our products include:
  • Riverstone
    Marble pebbles and resin
  • Riverstone Bricks
  • Wave
    Marble pebbles on a flexible mesh
  • Glasskin
    Glass pieces on a flexible mesh
  • WoodStone
    A perfect synthesis by a combination of such different materials.
  • Antico Asolotop of the range wooden floors
  • Visit our gallery to see how these products are used.

    Our Suppliers

    Land Porcelanico

    We are the exclusive agent for Land Porcelanico.

    All tiles produced by Land Porcelanico have superior technical specs.
    In fact all Land tiles have four very important characteristics that put these tiles among the best of the best.
    ALL tiles are FULL BODY and this means that they are made of the same high quality material throughout. This, together with premium raw material, provide a very high resistance to abrasion and breakage. ALL tiles are also MICROSEALED and this means that during the manufacturing process the tiles pores are completely sealed. This seems a very standard procedure during the manufacture of all porcelain tiles, but unfortunately it is not. It is only when comparing water absorption and stain resistance test result that top of the range tiles like Land Porcelanico can be fully appreciated.
    Thanks to this characteristic all Land tiles are completely impervious to water, dirt, con be used outdoor and are completely FROST PROOF.
    All Land porcelain tiles are also MONOCALIBER and this means that each tile have exactly the same dimension of any other tile of any other collection. This enables the designer to use tiles from different collections, and the fitter to lay all tiles with a very minimum gap or even without gap. Some other manufacturers can produce rectified tiles on request, but Land Porcelanico produces MONOCALIBER tiles only.
    Land tiles are all FIRST choice and there is no colour shading.
    No compromise on quality!

    All tiles are scanned and tested by a computerised system and by a human operator. Then, every single tile is marked on one side, stating collection, colour, production timing and quality control operator. In this way, in the unlikely event of a manufacturing defect, we can go back to the exact moment the tiles was produced.

    Last but definitely not least, all tiles listed in the catalogue are available in stock. Morning and can be despatched in the afternoon and deliver to UK within 3/4 days. Delivery to the warehouse in Sassuolo will only add 48 hrs to the delivery time. This level of service is currently un-matched!

    Quality and service is something that cannot be ignored and Land Porcelanico does not compromise on neither.

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